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Training is the foundation of development for both leaders and boys. Below is a list of training opportunity for both leaders and Boys.

Ranger Basics is a one-day hands-on experience that teaches how to run successful outpost meetings, how to use the Rangers curriculum and advancement system, and how to build healthy relationships with boys and young men. You also learn soul-winning techniques for evangelism.

Ranger Essentials is a one-day fun, interactive-style training event. You will learn how to connect with today’s boys, along with recognizing ministry needs and outreach opportunities. You will discover how to give life-changing devotions and how to mentor boys and young men into spiritual leaders.

Completion of the NEW online "Ranger Safety course" or previous "Safety and the Church" training course AND a nationally recognized First Aid/CPRcertification course. Click here for the online version of "Ranger Safety"

National Rangers Ministry Camp will give instruction in basic outdoor skills and activities providing leaders with the skills needed to take their Ranger boys on exciting outpost activities outside their normal weekly meeting times. Instruction in effectively implementing the team/patrol method will be offered as a means to facilitate junior leadership development. Also, leaders will be challenged to connect with God and explore spiritual manhood.

National Elementary Education Conference (NEEC) is an interactive event that gives leaders training in various techniques and methods to effectively teach and mentor boys. Leaders will explore the development and needs of the early elementary age group, with Ranger Kids as the main focus.

World Class Outpost seminar is designed to expose the outpost leadership team to a successful set of practices, methods, strategies, and tools that will enable them to develop into a "World Class Outpost". The greatest benefit of this event is achieved when the outpost/church leadership attend and complete this event together as a team.

More elements of the Rangers Ministry Academy (RMA) are being phased in as part of a nationwide transition in training. The RMA incorporates all aspects of Royal Rangers training, including specific training for church leaders and support staff, junior leaders, adult leaders, and trainers.

Camp Wilderness Ranger Academy CWRA is a series of Junior Training Camps designed to increase the skills of Royal Rangers in Several areas including the Patrol System, Leadership, Camping, personal commitment to Christ among many others. If you are a Adventure Ranger or Expedition Ranger this is something you should not miss.

Ranger Basics

Contact Steve Bridges for more info. 321 302-1983

Ranger Essentials

Ranger Safety

Comming soon. Avalable anytime online at Ranger Safety 

Check the National Royal Ranger website for camp dates and locations. Pen Florida will host an NRMC at Camp Wilderness in early 2015.  

Check the National Royal Ranger website for camp dates and locations. There is not one scheduled this year in the Pen Florida Distric. 


Jurior Academy

Preregistration is required, as absolutely no walk-ons will be allowed.

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