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Sectional Events

Three Section 5 Royal Ranger events are held each year – the Section 5 Round Up, Ranger Kids Day Camp and the Section 5 Pinewood Derby. Each event brings together all of the outposts in Section 5 for fellowship, learning, competition, and spiritual growth. We also provide leadership training for adult leaders with Ranger Basics, Ranger Essentials and First Aide & CPR training.

Round Up

Round Up is a sectional event that brings together all of the outpost in Section 5 for a three day group camp out. This event is for Discovery, Adventure and Expedition Rangers. We provide events and activities for the boys and a mini FCF village. The boys have the opportunity to compete in events like archery, marksmanship  team sports and many other fun events. The highlight of Round Up is the evening spiritual services. We open with praise and worship followed by a message brought by a guest speaker  The impact of the Holy Spirit on the lives of boys and young men is life changing.

Ranger Kids Day Camp

The Ranger Kids Day Camp is a event just for Ranger Kids. Each year we pick a exciting fun packed place to take Ranger Kids. Some examples of place we go are The Orlando Science Center, Fort Matanzas National Monument,  Pioneer Art Settlement and Enchanted Forest. It is always a fun packed day with crafts and a opportunity for the boys to earn an Achievement Merit or two. At the close of every day camp we come together for a short devotion and closing prayer. The Sectional Ranger Kids day camp is something that every Ranger Kid looks forward to every year.

Ranger Derby

Ranger Derby (formerly Pinewood Derby) has long been a favorite of Section 5 Royal Rangers for years.  By providing men and boys of all ages a fun craft and an exciting competition strong positive relationships are built that can last a lifetime. 

Each year the outpost who have built derby cars come together for a exciting and fun Derby Day. There is games, prizes and many heats where boys get to race there cars against each other for a winners trophy. 

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